The view of the Susquehanna River bridge at Tunkhannock in Wyoming County was all but occluded by Canadian wildfire smoke again on Thursday, as seen from the public boat launch in Riverside Park. The haze is expected to clear over the next 24 hours as warm, humid air rushes inContinue Reading

Flocks and other wild flowers are in full bloom on Rattlesnake Hill in northwestern Wyoming County, where Carole Gardner-Rosenbaum snapped these photos yesterday. “Sometimes the random photos end of being the best,” she stated. Weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk / Photos by Carole Gardner-Rosenbaum Just when it finally started toContinue Reading

The sun was hesitant to shine on Seneca Trail Park in Eaton Township, Wyoming County, this morning, despite the enormous amount of work done recently by members of the new Wyoming County Parks Committee and other volunteers. Photos and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk The cool weather that has dominatedContinue Reading

Residents across the Endless Mountains woke to temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s on Friday morning, as these beautiful sunrise photos from Doolittle Hill in Wyoming County by Cindy Pickett show. Weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk Will we hit 70 degrees again next week? Anything is possible asContinue Reading

Rain fell across the region on Friday, as observed at the public boat launch at the Howland Preserve at Vosburg Neck in Wyoming County. Photos and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk The roller coaster ride of spring’s fickleness continues as back-to-back cold fronts pushed down temperatures again after a briefContinue Reading

Brilliant sunshine sparkles off the waters of Beaver Run as it flows through Patriots Cove near Noxen in Wyoming County. Photos and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk It sure hasn’t felt much like spring this week with frosty nights and snow and sleet in the air on Wednesday. But springContinue Reading

Tuesday’s snow may already be a distant memory in the river valleys, but there was still plenty of snow in the Irish Hill section of Susquehanna County on Friday morning, ahead of a vigorous storm system that will affect the region from tonight through Saturday evening. Photos and weather synopsisContinue Reading

There was still a substantial snow cover in and around Nordmont in Sullivan County on Monday, where temperatures hovered in the mid 20s in advance of a two -day warm-up. Photos and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk Winter has yet to release us from its icy grip with temperatures eitherContinue Reading

Many stretches of the Susquehanna River through the Endless Mountains are chock-full of ice. At Tunkhannock, ice stretches from one bank to the other, though it is noticeably thinner in the middle. Weekend temperatures will do little to change that, but three or four days above freezing next week mayContinue Reading

Temperatures were soaring into the 60s on their way to the low 70s on Wednesday morning along Beechwood and White Pond roads in Auburn Township, but the midweek warm-up will not last past Thursday. Photos and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk A few days near or above 70 degrees caughtContinue Reading