Mountaintops throughout the Endless Mountains have been routinely re-frosted since the first significant winter weather event last week, as seen from Stone Hedge Golf Club in Tunkhannock Township, Wyoming County on Thursday morning. That pattern will come to an end, as Old Man Winter retreats for a few days. PhotosContinue Reading

The flags at the Susquehanna County courthouse in Montrose were already feeling the winds of change this morning, as balmy breezes led to showers. Temperatures will tumble overnight with a high-wind-warning in effect through Thanksgiving Day. Photos and Weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk (exclusive to readers) Temperatures will beContinue Reading

Skies were cloudy over Dushore in Sullivan County and the winds were still blowing as Thursday evening’s vigorous storm system was pulling away, as seen looking up the Doc Shoemaker Highway. The stretch of Route 220 from its intersection with Rt 87 to the Bradford County line was dedicated inContinue Reading

The sun tried in earnest to break through the clouds in southwest Susquehanna County Thursday afternoon, but thick clouds prevailed. A breezy Friday will be followed by a frosty night. Photos and Weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk Like coming to the end of a long roller coaster ride, Endless MountainsContinue Reading

The morning sun burned the fog off the hilltops quickly this morning in Cherry Township, Sullivan County, revealing autumn’s pallet in its full glory. Photos by Karen Black / Weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk Most of the area has received its first frost, and some of the normally colder spotsContinue Reading

The further one could see to the west from northwestern Susquehanna County this morning, the greater the variety of weather on the horizon. Photo and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk After another flirtation with summer-like temperatures, it appears that autumn will make a triumphant entrance next week as daytime highsContinue Reading

The sunsets are taking on a new look over Cherry Township in Sullivan County, and the morning dew is getting heavier. Photos by Karen Black and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk Despite an unseasonably cool Friday, the long term forecast hints at above average temperatures over the next week, followedContinue Reading

The high temperature in Little Meadows, Susquehanna County, was just short of 70, but few complained about the abundant sunshine and light breezes. Photos and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk After temperatures have averaged about five degrees below average over the past few days, windows will likely be reopened orContinue Reading

A mix of sun and clouds will prevail again today at the Birchardville Church and cemetery in Susquehanna County. Photos and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk With another Harford Fair now in the record books, there are just two fairs in the Endless Mountains left on the calendar: The SullivanContinue Reading

Talk about your ‘hit-and-miss’ showers! Karen Black of Cherry Township, Sullivan County, posted these two photos from Thursday depicting “rain on the left side of the house…sunshine on the right.” A few thunderstorms will drift from southwest to northeast yet this afternoon. Photos by Karen Black / weather synopsis by RickContinue Reading