Photos by Rick Hiduk The ice on the Susquehanna River at Tunkhannock keeps getting thicker as temperatures remain below freezing both day and night, taking on the appearance of the surface of the Moon, especially in the top photo. Fluctuating water levels in early January allowed ice to push upContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk Only the swiftest water in Bowman’s Creek, Wyoming County, resists freezing as it passes under Sugar Hollow Road in Monroe Township. Temperatures barely reached the teens on Monday throughout most of the Endless Mountains, though the wind gave us a bit of a break. Lows thisContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk Snow pushed by vicious north winds drifted across Route 6 east of the village of Wysox for most of the day on Thursday. Most of the Endless Mountains region was stuck in the teens, and lows were well below zero Friday morning. After one more frigidContinue Reading