Photos by Marguerite Fox-Picou A deep freeze imposed on the Endless Mountains region has resulted in spectacular images of ice forming and collecting at various points along the Susquehanna River in Susquehanna, Bradford, and Wyoming Counties. Towanda resident Marguerite Fox- Picou captured these striking photos on Tuesday from her unique vantageContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk The Kiwanis Wyoming County Fair Grounds west of Meshoppen lie dormant under a fresh coating of snow and bright sunshine on Wednesday. Additional accumulations of snow are possible on Thursday and Sunday evenings, and frigid temperatures will apparently persist. For a uniquely Endless Mountains perspective ofContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk While still flowing freely past most towns along the Susquehanna River, at Tunkhannock cakes of ice are stacking up where the river narrows before a sharp turn to the south. Due to the ice flows, river levels have fluctuated at Tunkhannock over the last week, backingContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk Cakes of ice are still flowing freely under the Veterans Memorial Bridge at Towanda on Thursday. Will it stay cold long enough for the Susquehanna River to freeze over like it did last year? According to, Monday is the only day between now and nextContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk Everything looks better basking in sunshine, especially when you haven’t seen the nearest star in our solar system for at least two weeks. After teasing the region with a few delicious rays this morning, clouds finally broke over Tunkhannock (above) today to allow for a partly to mostlyContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk Despite a recent string of mild days, Totem Lake in Herrick Township was still ice-covered on Wednesday afternoon. Nonetheless, the privately-owned body of water is not yet accessible to anglers. According to, temperatures will return to average over the next week with some sporadic mixedContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk It’s a sure sign that Christmas is on the way when the decorations go up at the home of Jim Ennis Sr. along Route 6 in Wysox Township (top). Read about Mr. Ennis at Meanwhile, across Veterans Memorial Bridge in Towanda, work on the BradfordContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk Lower Lake Carey is only partially frozen, but the ground was completely covered with snow on December 11. Weather forecasters are calling for some brighter days and warmer temperatures as we move through the weekend and into the last full week before Christmas. For a uniquelyContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk Construction crews of all kinds were out in full force across the region on Tuesday. trying to get as much done on numerous projects before a long holiday weekend and an impending snowstorm. In Towanda, there were crews along Main Street installing a sidewalk at theContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk According to weather forecasters, Saturday brought us the beginning of a three-day warm-up. Temperatures in downtown Tunkhannock flirted briefly with 40 but trended downward by mid-afternoon with stiff breezes and some light rain showers. A thin layer of ice still covered Tunkhannock Creek between Business RouteContinue Reading