A variety of species and breeds of cows and horses (top) are penned together and are part of the unique harmony at Ol’ Mother Cluckers Farm. (bennie) Above, Nicole Urban gives some attention to Bennie, an American Painted horse who roams Ol’ Mother Cluckers Farm. (teflon don) Below, Paul IacavaxziContinue Reading

Submitted Article On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee today heard testimony from a Bradford County licensed breeder, a veterinarian, a pet store owner, Humane Society representatives and state officials supporting and opposing legislation presently under consideration in the Legislature. The intent of the legislation is to strengthen existing animalContinue Reading

ACS veterinarian Debra Urban (above, left) and receptionist Michelle Wood demonstrate some of the safe-distancing measures that have been implemented at the clinic, which will resume spay and neuter operations of cats on Monday. The nearly completed new clinic and kennel is behind them. Photos and story by Rick HidukContinue Reading