Low-cost Spay/Neuter Procedures Offered to the Public to Combat Overpopulation

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Animal Care Sanctuary in East Smithfield, Bradford County, is bringing back it’s annual “Beat the Heat” promotion.

In honor of February being Spay and Neuter Awareness Month, Animal Care Sanctuary is offering a special price for cat spay and neuter procedures. The Pennsylvania shelter will offer the procedures at $95 for a cat spay and $70 for a cat neuter. Both procedures will also include a rabies shot.
Getting your cat spayed or neutered helps reduce overpopulation that leads to animal homelessness,” says Executive Director Terri McKendry. “Kitten season is right around the corner, so there is no better time to schedule an appointment.”
In addition to the special pricing, Animal Care Sanctuary is partnering with All Animals Matter, Inc. to assist people who need a ride to the sanctuary on February 23rd. All Animals Matter, Inc. offers pickup and dropoff between your home and Animal Care Sanctuary for owners in the Oxford area that do not have access to transportation. There is a $5 transportation fee per cat. To schedule transportation with All Animals Matter, Inc., email

As of January 2023, Animal Care Sanctuary has performed over 30,000 spay and neuter procedures on cats. They hope that number only increases through promotions like “Beat The Heat”.  “Shelters like ours do their best to help cats and kittens find their forever homes, but the frontline of our efforts is pet owners getting their cat fixed.”

Animal Care Sanctuary offers their annual “Beat the Heat” promotion in an effort to promote responsible pet ownership and prevent accidental and unwanted litters of kittens. In 2022, hundreds of orphaned kittens and pregnant cats came into the shelter. Spay and neuter surgeries help to stop this cycle.
For those wishing to learn more or schedule an appointment should call the Animal Care Sanctuary at 570-596-2270 or visit their website,

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