First Potential Frost of the Season in the Mix

The further one could see to the west from northwestern Susquehanna County this morning, the greater the variety of weather on the horizon.

Photo and weather synopsis by Rick Hiduk

After another flirtation with summer-like temperatures, it appears that autumn will make a triumphant entrance next week as daytime highs fail to reach the 60s and nighttime lows tumble into the 30s.

The long-term forecast follows:

Thursday night: clearing 45

Friday: sunny 75/55

Saturday: a shower? 82/60

Sunday: sunshine 76/58

Monday: partly cloudy 73/55

Tuesday: partly cloudy 78/60

Wednesday: partly cloudy 80/60

Thursday: showers 70/45

Friday: partly cloudy 58/38

Saturday: partly cloudy 58/38

Sunday: partly cloudy 60/40

The weather report is based on expected conditions at approximately 1,100 ft elevation in Meshoppen Township, Wyoming County, near the center of the Endless Mountains region. Residents of river towns can generally expect slightly higher temperatures, while those at higher elevations may experience lower temperatures. Send your Weather Window photos to Try to include a good horizontal/panoramic shot.

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