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Submitting photos of sweeping vistas like French Azilum in Bradford County (top), the Starrucca Viaduct at Lanesboro in Susquehanna County (above), Dushore in Sullivan County (below), Tunkhannock in Wyoming County (bottom) and other scenes showing weather conditions for’s “Weather Window” is one small way to represent your neck of the woods and display your talents to new and regular readers. Read on for many more ways to contribute.

Photos by Rick Hiduk

A Few Words from the Editor:

Readership at is at an all time high because I’ve been fortunate enough to cover some really significant events in April. Additionally, sharing of the stories via Facebook, Twitter, and email by readers brings many people to my humble website for the first time and introduces people outside Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties to our wonderful region.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Regular readers have no doubt noticed lapses of several days to a week when there is no new material to view, and there is a simple reason for this.

Most of what I write and post on this website I do for free. That includes covering as many county commissioners meetings as I am able to attend, in order to provide you with an account that is not censored by publishers. But the commissioners meetings don’t pay my mortgage or put gas in my truck.

I do have a day job and, several times per week, a night job. In fact, my partner and I wear many hats to ensure that we are not just making a decent living but doing the things that we most enjoy. With very few exceptions, neither of us plan to work for anyone else ever again. Our employers are now clients, and we plan to keep it that way.

That said, I attend far more events and meetings and write many more stories and brochure content than most readers will ever know. I’m a regular contributor to Where & When – Pennsylvania’s Travel Guide and Living Susquehanna/Wyoming Counties Magazine. Occasionally, I cover an event out of my own interest and am lucky enough to sell it to a magazine or newspaper before I can post it on my site.

As the owner of Endless Mountains Media Services (Read here:, I am a contractual writer and promoter for several non-profit organizations, as well as events like the NEPA Bluegrass Festival. I have recently forged an agreement with a local newspaper company to contribute features and photos to several of their publications, so you’ll see my byline popping up more often.

And, as many of you know, I also offer DJ and emcee services. I’m especially interested in making a transition from pubs and taverns into the private party realm (weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, graduations, family and class reunions, and company functions) over the next year. I find the personal connection of such events to be much more satisfying. (Read more here:

As much as I enjoy “doing it all” and thank God for the good health to pursue these endeavors, there are still only so many hours in a day and so many days in a week. Even if I only take Sundays off, I am finding my daily calendar bursting at the seams. With regret, I am turning down invitations to cover events and meetings about which I know you would like to read.

Rather than reduce the fresh content on the website, as has happened in the past when I am heavily involved with a project for several weeks to a month, I’d rather open the door to allow more talented people in the Endless Mountains to share their stories and photos with the regular visitors to the site.

I’m primarily looking for original material – meeting reports, non-profit event information, breaking news photos and photo galleries of community celebrations, historical pieces, business and personal profiles, etc. – but I will entertain publication of older personal accounts and photos of historical and cultural significance to the Endless Mountains if they can be properly attributed. An example of this might be excerpts from a family diary that mention people, places and events that should be remembered.

A website is a visual medium. Therefore a photo or two with each submission is a MUST. My current template calls for at least one wide shot, while leaving room for plenty more photos in additional configurations. Submitted photos must be in jpg, jpeg or png formats. Text must be attached as a doc or be part of the text of an email. I do not have the time to break down pdfs of posters, fliers or brochures, nor will I post them.

Send submissions or inquiries about becoming a contributor to I don’t get paid, so neither will you. You will be credited with a byline for your submissions. For some, this could become an exciting hobby. For others, this could be a stepping stone to greater opportunities. Either way, you have nothing to lose, and the residents and business owners of the Endless Mountains have everything to gain. If this is not your forte, I’ll bet you know a friend who would enjoy the experience.

Thank You for Your Support,

Rick Hiduk

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