Local 4-H Youths’ Excel With Project Animals at Farm Show

Sawyer Herbert and Rose (above) and Jack Kowalewski (below) with Jane

Story and photos by Rick Hiduk

(Originally published in the Susquehanna County Independent)

The Youth Livestock Show, held on the Tuesday of each year’s Pennsylvania Farm Show is the culmination of year’s of experience and a year specifically with one animal raised and trained for showing by children and teens, mostly from 4-H Clubs. Animals shown on the weekend that rank in the top five of their respective classes are eligible for sale. The event, popular with elected officials and representatives of businesses who want to recognize and encourage the youths is bittersweet for them, as it also means parting with their animals.

It was the first year showing livestock at the Farm Show for 10-year old Sawyer Herbert of New Milford. She is the daughter of Kyle and Courtney Herbert, attends Blue Ridge Elementary School as a fifth grader, and is a member of the Born to Show Club. Her brother had a pig named Jack, so her purebred Duroc almost became Jill. But Sawyer really likes the movie Titanic, and decided that the two pigs should be named Jack and Rose after the film’s main characters. Rose placed second in her class, in part due to her solid muscle tone.

Jack Kowalewski of Clifford Township has been showing and selling livestock for many years now and isn’t as keen on naming the animals. When his mother suggested that he had to have a name for his crossbred market lamb, he selected Jane, as in Jane Doe. The judges didn’t see Jane as generic and awarded her third place in her class. Jack is the son of Mark and Michelle Kowalewski, is a senior at Mountain View High School and shows as a member of the North Jackson Ag Club.

Since they finished in the top five in their respective categories, both animals were brought up in the Youth Livestock Auction on Jan. 9, where Rose was purchased by Coterra Energy, and New Milford Hardware bought Jane.



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