Helpers Sought for Wyoming County Vaccine Clinic

Gene Dziak, Director of Wyoming County Emergency Management, has asked Tunkhannock Rotary to manage volunteers for an upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. The event will be held two-days for eight hours each on an unconfirmed weekend at a location yet to be determined.

Volunteers are being asked to commit to a four-hour shift. Rotary members will follow up with applicants when more information is available.

In addition to contact information, the application asks potential volunteers if they would be willing to sit at a computer and enter data for four hours and if they have the credentials and are willing to administer the vaccine.

Interested readers can apply using this link:

After clicking “submit,” the applicant will be directed to the homepage of the Rotary Club of Tunkhannock and should immediately receive an email confirming their application.

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