Forest City Juniors Get NTIEC Career Talk

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NTIEC visited Forest City Regional High School virtually last Thursday to talk to juniors in Ms. Erdmann’s Public Speaking and Career Preparedness class. Discussion topics included finding careers that are right for them, work/life balances, and job shadowing and internship/externship opportunities (read about it here: for students.

NTIEC education coordinators Deb Tierney (above, right) and Colin Furneaux gave an insightful and collaborative presentation to approximately 30 students in two different sessions. Their goal was to help students discuss their interests, passions, and talents and how they relate to careers they are interested in.

The students were well-engaged and eager to share their passions, values and career targets with Tierney and Furneaux. The students also had a lot of important questions for people in their target majors and careers, like whether or not they enjoyed their jobs after the years of education and tough situations, and how taxing the job is on their personal lives.

The students were passionate about family, animals, helping others, and politics and showed a lot of diversity in interests, talents, passions and career goals,” Tierney related afterward. She and Furneaux both enjoyed getting to know the students at Forest City and helping them think outside the box about their careers.

For more information regarding NTIEC’s virtual programs, interested readers should reach out to Tierney at 570-278-5038 or via email at

The Northern Tier Industry & Education Consortium (NTIEC) is a local grassroots organization founded in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit school-to-work organization to serve students in the Northern Tier counties by integrating the education and employment processes. The basic premise is that students who have a good understanding of career opportunities, especially through first-hand experience, can make informed career and educational choices. Students who have mastered basic workplace skills and discipline are in a preferred position for hiring. Employers participate in the education process and benefit by having a stronger pool of employment candidates. Schools can show relevancy of academic work and have more motivated students. Students and parents both benefit by fewer false starts and a shorter path to appropriate degrees and certifications needed for career success.

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