Photos and Commentary by Rick Hiduk Members of Sassafras (top, from right) Jillian Hannigan, Jessica Illuzzi, and Channing Lynn were joined during several songs at a recent gig at The Blogg in Tunkhannock by guest performer Merl Johnson from Virginia. The corner in which the band played will soon becomeContinue Reading

Photos and commentary by Rick Hiduk While much of Sunday’s Cornstock crowd (above) chose to sit in the shade, die hard fans of The Coal Town Rounders (top with Jessica Illuzzi) effectively surrounded the stage and danced in a warm late summer sun. The Cornstock Folk Festival, held from Sept.Continue Reading

Photos and Review by Rick Hiduk After Hours (from left) names proved themselves to an eclectic crowd at the Highway Inn on November 15. Former members of 12 Letters and Lipstyk Equal played some familiar favorites and other hits that kept the dance floor full from the second set toContinue Reading

Photos by JoAnna DeRemer/ Review by Rick Hiduk Once The Mix (above) filled the dance floor at the Highway Inn on Oct. 3, followers of the band and new fans were in motion for the rest of the night. Six-member ensemble The Mix challenged the notion that bands aren’t fillingContinue Reading

Photos and Review by Rick Hiduk 2013 FreshGrass Award winners RUNA delighted the Cornstock audience with two shows on Aug. 30. Soulful vocals and earnest picking made instant fans out of many of those in attendance. The colors on the tie-die backdrop continuously changed when the night-lighting came on. WithContinue Reading

Photos and Review by Rick Hiduk WBRE’s PA Live featured a live performance by female trio Sassafras was broadcast on August 18. Cohost Jasmine Brook interviewed the folk/bluegrass ensemble, who were also included in a taste-testing at the end of the program. With a spirited performance of “Goldmine,” the threeContinue Reading

Photos and story by Rick Hiduk The band Witz End (above) delivered a repertoire of hits at the Highway Inn on Saturday night that celebrated the broad pallet of rock music. Witz End made their debut at the Highway Inn on July 19, bringing with them a bag of tunesContinue Reading

Photo and story by Rick Hiduk Members of Stealing Neil, including (front, from left) rhythm guitarist Ronnie Williams, lead singer and guitarist RJ Scouten, lead guitarist Jared Scavone, and (back) drummer Tony Scavone satisfied the rock ‘n’ roll urges of a large crowd at the Lovelton Hotel on Saturday night.Continue Reading

By Rick Hiduk While the way that I listen to music hasn’t changed much through the years, the way that I hear popular music certainly has. It becomes clearer every year that the record companies are controlling the charts, not only telling us what the biggest hits are but reshapingContinue Reading