Wyoming County Courthouse Closed Until Monday

By Rick Hiduk

(Exclusive to EndlessMtnLifestyles.com readers)

As of 11 am today, the Wyoming County Courthouse will be closed to the public, and all departments have been notified that employees should go home as soon as possible. According to commissioner Tom Henry, there has been at least one* positive COVID-19 case identified, and the closure has been enacted out of an abundance of caution.

Henry noted that he was not legally permitted to offer more details, but said that employees have been provided information as to where they can go to be tested for the coronavirus if they so desire.

In addition to security staff, the Elections Department will remain open as needed to receive and secure any mail-in ballots that come in today or tomorrow, as per state law.

The courthouse should be open again to the public on Monday under the same guidelines that have been in place recently (masks required, temperatures taken, and general screening questions), and the commissioners will have the building completely cleaned between now and Nov. 9.

County residents are encouraged to take advantage of many services available online at www.wycopa.org or by leaving messages with specific departments that will be answered when possible.

*Update: A press release from the courthouse has confirmed two positive cases.


  1. Thank you Commissioner Tom Henry for doing the right thing in closing the courthouse. Your decision will protect county employees as well as the public from contracting the virus.

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