“Wellness Reboot” Offered at Camp Kelly

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Commit to a 5-Week Wellness Reboot at UNC’s Camp Kelly before the summer leaves you too busy to think about self-care. Each week, participants will practice wellness techniques and skills such as yoga, meditation, healthy cooking, stress management, and self-awareness. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Camp Kelly, north of Tunkhannock in Wyoming County on your journey to better health and self-care, guided by local Wellness Experts. 

Workshops include:

  • Self-Awareness & Yoga with Donna Fetzko (April 28, 9am-12pm) $45

  • Meditation with Bernie Kozlowski (May 5, 9am-12pm) $45

  • Healthy Eating/Cooking with Donna LaBar (May 12, 9am-12pm) $55

  • Yoga with Donna Fetzko & Stress Management with Karen Bracey (May 19, 9am-12pm) $45

  • Stress Management, Healthy Eating and Cooking, Meditation, Yoga, and a healthy lunch celebration with Karen Bracey, Donna LaBar, Bernie Kozlowski, and Donna Fetzko. (June 2, 9am-1:30pm) $70

Register for the full reboot for $215 – a $45 savings!

The 5-Week Wellness Reboot will take place at UNC’s Camp Kelly, 349 St. Andrew Lane in Tunkhannock, PA. Interested participants can register at http://www.uncnepa.org/wellness. Please direct any questions to Kelly Langan at (570) 346-0759 x111 or klangan@uncnepa.org.

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