Talent Succession Workshops Planned

NEPIRC director of strategy and innovation Leo Gilroy (standing, left) conducted Talent Succession Planning in Towanda and Wellsboro in the spring and has been invited back to host classes in Towanda and Tunkhannock.

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Northern Tier Regional Planning & Development Commission in partnership with NEPIRC is offering the following workshop in 2 convenient locations.

Talent Succession Planning is a deliberate and systematic effort by an organization to ensure leadership continuity in key positions, retain and develop intellectual and knowledge capital for the future, and encourage individual advancement.  

Organizations with talent succession planning processes foster a skills-oriented culture and have individuals prepared to take on leadership roles in the event of organizational growth, talent loss or management turnover.

Over 90% of younger workers say that working at a company with a clear leadership succession or growth plan would improve their level of engagement, while 62% said they would be “significantly more engaged” at work. (Hireology, 2015)

* Disaster-proofs your business against talent loss
* Identifies your most qualified future leaders
* Creates structure for training and development
* Helps the company plan for the long-term


1. Identify Key Positions 

2. Build Job Profiles for Each Key Position 

3. Competency Gap Analysis 

4. Development Opportunities 

5. Individual Development Plans 

6. Maintain Skills Inventory 

No-Cost Talent Succession Planning 

Wednesday, October 30

11:00 am – 1:00 pm 

Location: T & C Grill, 420 Tioga West Plaza, Tunkhannock

No-Cost Talent Succession Planning 

Wednesday, November 6

11:00 am – 1:00 pm 

Location: NTRPDC Offices, 301 Main Street, Towanda

Those interested in registering for either event should send Name, Company, Address, Phone and Email to Cindy Traore at traore@northerntier.org.

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