Silks and Sunshine Combine for Unique Art Project

Story by Rick Hiduk / Images by Studio K Atelier

(Originally published in the North Branch Arts Trail Fall Magazine)

Dushore area artist Karen Black, owner of Studio K Atelier, has been getting people outside on nice days this past year to take part in a new project called Silks in the Sun. The initiative was designed to let any person become a work of art and let their inner-self shine anonymously. Black uses silk dance veils and props to create ethereal images with silhouettes of the volunteers.

This is an interactive art project where volunteers are photographed through silk veils,” Black explained. Once the veils start flowing, and the shadowy 3D images begin to reveal themselves, Black starts snapping photos of their silhouettes. The person behind the silk remains anonymous.

As the name suggests, a sunny day is necessary to bring out the best of the silks, and a slight breeze helps as well. That said, Black cannot schedule the events as far in advance as she is able to do when helping people explore other mediums. 

Photo sessions are fluid and have no set date or location,” She explained. “It depends on the weather, the sunshine, and people who want to participate. Silks in the Sun can set up just about anywhere there is nature and sunlight.”

Previous locations have included the IAM Center for Creative Healing (See related story in this issue), and Black is always looking for new venues to share this fun activity with others. She provides the veils and demonstrates a few quick and easy techniques on how to play with the fabric and create shapes and optical illusions.

Then everyone is free to explore and transform themselves through the power of sunlight through silk,” said Black, who requests that attendees where no sharp jewelry or Velcro that can damage the delicate silks. Photography by other participants is not allowed as to not interfere with the spontaneous development of this artistic creation.

This is an ongoing project until the summer of 2022, at which time there will be a multimedia event,” Black related. A sample trailer video can be seen on YouTube. “Those who participate and want to have a digital copy of a photo and a link to the future video when produced can sign a waiver and provide their email addresses.”

Though based in Sullivan County, Black is willing to expand her project into adjacent counties based on the number of people who wish to participate in a photo session and the availability of a suitable venue.

If you are interested in getting involved or have a location in mind where the autumn colors are in peak or after an early snowfall, contact me,” Karen offered.

For more information, interested readers can log on to or send an email to

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