Pickett Pleased with News of Natural Gas Refinery in Pennsylvania

gas refinery 2

Pennsylvania State Representative Tina Pickett was pleased with the news that Shell Chemical Appalachia will build a petrochemical refinery and complex in western Pennsylvania, thereby increasing demand for Pennsylvania-produced natural gas.

As part of the plastic manufacturing process, this type of plant will need huge amounts of natural gas to refine, and with Bradford, Sullivan and Susquehanna counties in the heart of shale territory, I’m hopeful this will lead to an increase in production in our area,” Pickett said. “Low natural gas prices have led to a decrease in production, and energy companies have laid off employees. I’m hopeful this news will reverse the downturn in the industry and put people back to work.”

According to Shell, the complex will use low-cost ethane from shale gas producers in the Marcellus and Utica basins to produce polyethylene, which is used in many products, from food packaging and containers to automotive components. Up to 6,000 construction jobs and 600 permanent jobs will be created.

Pickett pointed out that this decision would not have been possible without the development and advancement of business-friendly policies over the past several years in Harrisburg.

A huge factor in the economic development equation is our state’s tax policies,” Pickett said. “By advancing business-friendly incentives and keeping our taxes low, we are able to succeed in attracting major global companies to Pennsylvania – a win-win for our Commonwealth as a whole.”

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