Pardoned Turkeys Enjoy Mild Day in Towanda


Photo by Rick Hiduk

Hector and Lester, two turkeys raised at Fairchild’s Hardware Store in Towanda by owner P.J. Fairchild, took in Thursday’s mild weather on the sidewalk along Main Street. The birds arrived as peeps in June and were granted a Thanksgiving pardon by the store owner. Despite suggestions that turkey is also a delicious addition to a Christmas dinner, Hector and Lester are more likely to become permanent pets of the Fairchild family. The sign on their cage reads, “Careful. We Peck.” With no pedestrians or store patrons within reach, Hector – maybe Lester – was seen pecking at the Christmas wreath that adorns their enclosure. Both birds are intrigued by humans and attempt communication with a nonthreatening combinations of chortles, chirps, and squawks. (According to Wayne Vanderpool at, the high temperature in Towanda today was 55 degrees with a period of rain between 2 and 4 p.m.)

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