Meshoppen Flower Boxes Planted

Adults and youths who participated in the flower box plantings include (from left) Cameron Myers, Katlynn Pitcher, Jessica Kmiechik, Doris Pickett, Christian Tripp, Lexi MacGeorge, Emily Longworth, Ben Fink, Dave Jennings, Lanie Sermonds, Eternity Gutknecht, Mimi Jennings and (not pictured) Jennifer Jennings O’Brien.

Photos and intro by Gail James/Group Description by Dave and Mimi Jennings

Meshoppen has some bright spots! Several flower boxes were placed on the Bridge Street bridge over Meshoppen Creek and Canal Street Bridge over Little Meshoppen Creek. They were placed and filled with flowers by NOIZ, a youth group in Meshoppen led by Dave and Mimi Jennings, Doris Pickett, and Jennifer Jennings O’Brien.

We are NOIZ. We’re just a ragtag group of kids and leaders trying to learn about and live our lives the way Jesus asks us to. We’ve been gathering for thirteen or fourteen years now. NOIZ started out as a youth ministry. We soon reached a point where we felt we were getting too hung up on church doctrine, all the rules and stuff. Instead we all should be more hung up on Jesus.

NOIZ was born from all that and what Jesus asks from all of us – you know, the great commission! So we took it outside the confines of church and into our community and other communities to focus on teens and young adults. It’s a fact that sinning is part of adolescence. Sinning is the natural reaction of young people rebelling and finding their way.

We’re good at warning young people about the dangers of sin. We talk about our strengths and weaknesses, our victories and defeats, our successes and failures, our joys and depressions and our courage and fears. We talk about life. NOIZ is not affiliated with any denomination or any church, we take all kids. We have dedicated leaders who are there for the kids, to listen to them, to pray with them.

One night a week we give them a safe place to hang out and be kids. We are here for any kids thirteen years of age and up. If you’d like to learn more about NOIZ or help out in any capacity, please contact Dave 570-396-3521, or email NOIZ is ZION spelled backward, “a new world to come!”

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