Maple Weekend Planned in Bradford and Susquehanna Counties

John Mann tour

John Mann (above) of Bradley-Mann Maple Syrup near Mosherville in northwestern Bradford County provides participants of last year’s Maple Weekend a tour of his facilities. The site is one of eight that the public is invited to visit for Maple Weekend, March 21 and 22. Mann is shown below boiling down sap that will become maple syrup or other maple-based products.

boiling maple syrup

Those who traverse country roads on a regular basis have no doubt noticed lines running through the woods between clusters of sugar maple trees. Despite the relentless cold of this brutal winter, those narrow tubes are harbingers of spring, and the sap they are slowly moving from trees to tubs will soon be turned into one of America’s favorite condiments.

Members of the Endless Mountains Maple Syrup Producers Association are gearing up for their annual Maple Weekend, which will be held at various locations throughout Bradford and Susquehanna Counties on Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22. How appropriate that Spring officially begins the day before?

The weekend dedicated to naturally sweet treats is geared toward families, as local maple syrup producers invite the public to take part in a self-guided driving tour that features eight stops. Each participating producer will host an open house, giving visitors a first-hand look at how sap from sugar maple trees is boiled down to make the deliciously sweet syrup that everybody loves on their pancakes and waffles.

There is more than just syrup to enjoy, however. Hosts will offer maple candy, maple-glazed popcorn, cream, cotton candy, and other related items to guests. Producers aim to educate visitors on the age-old tradition of “sugaring” as well as some of the newer technologies that have brought the maple producing industry to a new level.

Some open houses will also feature additional demonstrations such as spinning, tours of facilities, and other surprises.

There is no admission fee at any of the eight sites, though open house hours may vary from between hosts. The map below includes contact information, so would-be travelers can customize their own trips.

For more information, readers on the Endless Mountains Maple Syrup Producers or Maple Weekend, readers can log on to or call John or Kelly Mann at 570-537-6676.

Maple Weekend map

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