Father and Son Among Assailants of Inmate

Police Report edited by Rick Hiduk

(Exclusive to EndlessMtnLifestyles.com readers)

Wyoming County Correctional Facility officials reported a physical incursion involving four prisoners to Tunkhannock Borough Police on Nov. 8. The resulting investigation by officer Dustin Coakley resulted in three of the men being charged with assault and physical harassment.

Coakley retrieved a flash drive holding video footage of the brawl, as well as photos depicting injuries to the face and head of inmate Matthew Aumick.

According to prison officials, Aumick was eating a bowl of soup on the first floor of “B” block at about 9 pm that Friday evening, and Steven Smith, 18, his father Richard Smith, 38, and Charles Marchise, 28, were on the second floor. Steven was throwing wads of toilet paper from the second floor toward the area where Aumick was eating. Eventually, one of them landed in Aumick’s soup.

Aumick took the toilet paper out of his soup and threw it back up toward Steven. Richard subsequently ran down the stairs and allegedly started beating Aumick, followed by Steven and Marchise. Prior to the four of them being separated by corrections officers, the three attackers had Aumick pinned to the stairs as they were repeatedly hitting him. The fight was stopped, and corrections officers were able to restore order to the block.

Photos of Aumick showed “obvious injury to his left eye and right temple, as these areas were swollen and black and blue.”

The smiths and Marchise are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 5 at District Justice Carl Smith’s office in Tunkhannock.

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