Congressman Keller tells Fox News “We need to get Americans back to work”

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Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) was live on Fox & Friends First yesterday to break down what to expect from the upcoming Senate Republican stimulus plan.

Congressman Keller stated that the Republican plan would focus on policies that incentivize safely reopening our economy and getting Americans back to work and pushed back hard on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “Heroes Act” which would spend more than $3 trillion on top of the already $3-trillion Congress appropriated in previous federal stimulus packages.

On Republican plans to safely reopen the economy and target relief toward the hardest hit industries:

We already know that we passed $3 trillion (in federal relief funds)…and there’s still about $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion left. Here in Pennsylvania, the state Treasury still has about $1.3 billion left that was appropriated.

We need to focus on getting Americans back to work. That’s what they want to do. The greatest economy in the world was created with the American people under the leadership of President Trump. He’s perfect to lead us back into the great American comeback but we can’t just be lumping more debt upon our kids and grandkids.

We need to be smart about this and it needs to be focused on liability reforms and really tailored to those industries that need help the most.

We need to be incentivizing people to get back to work. That’s what they want to do. And if we do this right, we can reopen our economy. The best stimulus is a job.

 On Speaker Pelosi’s more than $3 trillion “Heroes Act”:

When the Speaker’s talking about the Heroes Act, that’s strictly a messaging bill to her base during an election year. We need to put that stuff aside and we need to make sure what we do is focused on addressing the issues.

Really hit hardest is the hospitality industry and some of our farmers…dairy farmers and so on. So we need to make sure we’re taking care of those areas that need it most, because our kids and grandkids are going to repay this money.

That needs to be our focus, that we’re not going to be irresponsible and try to put policy things in that Democrats are trying to do that they haven’t been able to do for years. That’s not the time for this. The time is to get to work for the American people so our kids can get back to school, our economy can safely reopen, and the American people can do what they do best, and that’s produce things in America.

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