Bradford County Provides Update on Manor COVID Response

Bradford County Manor implemented preventative measures including restricting visitation, staff health screenings and the use of Personal Protective Equipment before the first case was identified.

Upon confirmation of the first positive test, Bradford County Manor provided notification to all residents, resident responsible party, staff and medical staff. A verbal report was provided to the Pennsylvania Department of Health Long Term Care Division Office. Protocols and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health,

Local Emergency Management Agency and Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services were implemented and updated as each agency revised their guidance. Additional reporting systems were implemented by the various governmental agencies starting back in April.

The facility has complied with every deadline for reporting. In addition to the online required reporting, the facility continues to provide updated information to the Department of Health via telephone. We continue to provide information updates to our residents, family and staff.

Currently we have 8 confirmed COVID positive residents in our facility, and there are 3 that were previously here that were COVID positive. We have had 1 staff member test as COVID positive with 4 other staff that we have listed as COVID probable. The presumed positive have been antigen tested positive, but we have also come to learn they have a greater than 15% false positive rate.

We want to acknowledge our amazing staff for their dedication, compassion and commitment during this pandemic. We also want to thank the local EMS, First Responders, Hospital staff and all of those who are fighting this battle alongside of us. We want to also thank the families and community for their ongoing support of our residents and staff through donations of food, masks, notes of encouragement and other practices.

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