Arey Supply Supports Cemetery Marker Project

Sean Rotante (above, left) and Greg Wood unload concrete mix, rebar, liquid nails and miscellaneous other materials that Arey Building Supply donated to the Riverside Cemetery grave marker resetting and repair project.

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Work is under way to reset and repair approximately 300 grave markers in the Riverside Cemetery. The project received a major assist from Arey Building Supply, Wysox. The company donated concrete mix, rebar, liquid nails and miscellaneous other materials. Dave and Melinda Gourlie are Arey’s owners/proprietors.

The Riverside Cemetery is Bradford County’s oldest (1800) open-to-the-public burial location, the final resting place for many of the region’s founders and more than 160 war veterans ranging from the Revolutionary through World War II conflicts.

For more than 200 years, time and weather have taken their toll on grave markers that are made of limestone, granite, concrete and other materials. Approximately 110 markers have been reset so far. There were a few that were deeply buried in a flat position that had not been seen in years.

Some of those reset so far are smaller ones that simply needed to be dug out and packed/set back in the ground without concrete. Others are broken and require major repair and resetting construction.

Additional contributors to the Riverside Cemetery refurbishing and improvement project include the Towanda Borough, which is providing setting soil, and Bradford County Community Service, providing labor. Cash and additional materials are needed for the marker project and additional improvements to the property that began May 14 and is expected to continue through the spring-fall 2020 season.

To inquire about particular needs and to make donations, please contact the Riverside Cemetery Association,; or telephone 570-637-2281.

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