Pawling to Connect Farm to Forest at Troy Sale Barn Event


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Please join Rich Pawling, from History Alive! on Sunday, September 23rd, 6 pm for an interpretive presentation “Connecting the Farm to the Forest –  Examining the Symbiotic Relationship between Logging & Agricultural Production during the Timber Harvest  Boom Days of Pennsylvania (1880-1910).”  

Rich Pawling will dress the part of a wood hick from that time period and will use old photographs to visually guide us through the past into the present.  The Troy Sale Barn will be an example of how historic preservation is a form of life eternal for the value of the community and its citizens. The memories of those who gathered at the Troy Sale Barn throughout the years are part of the legacy of our local community and the citizens it represents. 

We hope to have you join us on at the Troy Sale Barn for this FREE interpretive presentation showcasing our lumber heritage in a historic venue, the Troy Sale Barn.

If you have questions, please email or contact Bill Bower, Troy Sale Barn Operating Corporation President at 570/297-2943. It is the mission of the Troy Sale Barn Operating Corporation to showcase our agricultural heritage.


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