$2.4 Million Awarded for Flood Repairs in Susquehanna County

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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved funding totaling more than $2.4 million on Wednesday that will go toward the reimbursement costs of repairing roads and bridges in Susquehanna County that were damaged by flash flooding in August 2018.

The flooding that occurred during that summer was the worst we had seen in many years,” said Rep. Tina Pickett (Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna). “I am pleased the federal government came through to cover much of the costs involved on the local and state levels in making the necessary repairs to roads and bridges in Susquehanna County.”

These FEMA grants will help areas within Susquehanna County with needed road and bridge repairs as a result of devastating storms,” said Congressman Fred Keller (PA-12). “I’m glad to see this money awarded to help remediate the damage.” The FEMA disaster declaration related to the storm was made in November 2018.

Specifically, nearly $1.28 million was awarded to Franklin Township for road repairs and more than $1.15 million to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for bridge work. The federal funding covers 75% of the costs of the projects.

Local municipalities conducted damage assessments following the flooding event and that information was turned over to FEMA to determine if a federal emergency disaster declaration was warranted, qualifying them for the recovery assistance.

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