Veterans Park Association Offers Last Chance for Bargain Bricks

(an edited submission by BCVMPA)

The Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park Association (BCVMPA) is happy to announce completion of their second stage of construction – the parking lot at the base of the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Towanda.

This is a pivotal event in the development of this landmark facility. Located at the intersection of Main Street Towanda and U.S. Route 6, the proud tribute to county veterans can be easily seen by everyone who passes.

The association is now focused on Stage III of the construction agenda, which is slated to begin in early spring. That stage will primarily entail the installation of granite pavers which have been sponsored by the public and local businesses.

Although some pavers both large and small were ordered years ago, nobody gave up hope and everyone hung in there for the long haul. Stage III is now in time-sensitive progress. This is a very important notification to the public – especially those who’ve been meaning to honor their veteran loved one but haven’t as yet done so. BCVMPA board members urge supporters to act on this as fast as possible to avoid a price increase. A cut-off date regarding pricing is fast approaching.

The sponsorship cost for one four-inch-by-eight-inch granite paver is $75.. Larger pavers (one-foot-by-one-foot) are also available at $275. Many supporters have already taken advantage of the low price structure. The price must be increased however since the association will soon order a bulk delivery of all pavers at one time.

Those pavers which have already been ordered will be engraved by the suppliers and made ready for installation. When this occurs, all the pavers will be installed; engraved or blank. Board members hope not to have to install any blank brinks. To order now, or for more information log on to, find the appropriate form, fill it out and send it with payment to the address provided (BCVMPA – Borough of Towanda, PO Box 206, Towanda, PA 18848.) Those without computer access can call 570-596-3224.

The goal of BCVMPA has always been to supply honorarium pavers to the public at the lowest possible price possible. The donor price of a paver installed after all the rest are in place will be reset to $100 each, which is the cost faced by the association for physically removing, engraving and replacing a paver that has already been installed. 

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