Thalenfelds Support Family Service Association

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Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania (FSA) is excited to announce that John Thalenfeld of Trion Industries made a generous gift of $25,000 to FSA’s as a part of its 125th Anniversary Annual Giving Campaign.

John Thalenfeld of Trion Industries, noted, “I’ve contributed to Family Services for over 30 years because they do so many great things to help the community. Best known for Helpline, they also provide programs for Guardianship, Counseling, Anger Management, Batterers Intervention, Family Reunification, Family Finding and many others. Their programs combined with the dedicated staff who administer them help make NEPA a better place to live for us all.”

Gertrude C. McGowan, CEO of the Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania, which oversees PA 211 NE, stated, “The entire Thalenfeld Family has been incredible supporters of FSA for generations. John Thalenfeld tirelessly supports each of FSA’s events and is unparalleled in his generosity with FSA employees, as a trustee, as board member, and in his philanthropy.”

The Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania was established in 1895 by a group of involved and concerned members of the community to provide diverse services to children, individuals, seniors, and families empowering them to achieve their full potential through building healthier relationships and stronger communities.

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