Speeding Reduction Efforts Enhanced in Wyalusing

vascar lines

Photo and Story by Rick Hiduk

James Carr III and Lou Bump (left) of Lines by Lou painted lines on Wyalusing streets on Tuesday that will help Laceyville Police officers Matt Chamberlain and Scott Perry (right) to crack down on speeders in the borough.

Some Wyalusing residents who have expressed concerns about speeding within the borough are already satisfied to learn that new Vascar lines have been painted at various locations under the jurisdiction of the Laceyville Police Department, which patrols Wyalusing.

Glen Steele of Park Place Apartments on Riverside Drive was among those who were glad to see contractor Lou Bump and James Carr III of Lines by Lou spraying the lines onto the street between the facility and the parking lot across the street where Steele keeps his pickup truck.

You ought to be here in the morning,” Steele related, gesturing west on Riverside Drive. “They don’t even stop at that stop sign.” He said that he looks both ways twice before crossing the relatively isolated thoroughfare. “If it’s too busy, I just wait,” Steele stated.

Lines were also painted on Route 6 in front of the Farm & Home Plaza. Police Chief Scott Perry said that Wyalusing area residents can expect an increased vigilance against speeders, as the bright white lines will allow for much more accurate deployment of speed detection systems and subsequent prosecution of offenders.


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