PA Department of Health Offers Temporary Reprieve for Former EMTs/EMRs

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In recognition of a statewide shortage of ambulance (EMS) providers, the PA Department of Health has temporarily lifted restrictions for individuals whose EMS certification has lapsed and who would like their certification reinstated.

From  EMS of Northeastern Pennsylvania:  Because recruitment and retention of EMS Providers has become increasingly difficult, the PA Bureau of EMS, through its regulatory authority, has issued the following exceptions to Pa. Code 1023.21 (e) as [part of a larger strategy to bring back EMS Providers who have previously expired.  Attached is EMSIB 2020-05 Issued Regulatory Exceptions to the lapse of registration process which details the exceptions.  These exceptions will allow any EMS Provider who expired after February 1, 2010 to re-instate their certification with having to take the Cognitive (written) or psychomotor exams. Candidates for re-instatement, under these exceptions will still need to complete one registration period worth of Continuing Education, to include the most recent Protocol updates, and have a valid CPR card. The EMSIB spells out the Continuing Education requirements that must be completed.  We ask that you share this document widely to assist us in our mission to re-engage as many EMS providers as possible. 

Previously, an EMS provider whose certification had lapsed would have to complete a National Registry course and/or complete credit by exam at a cost of up to nearly $900 to take the full course, depending on the course sponsor.  Under the temporary reprieve, providers who have lapsed within the last 10 years will only need to complete one full cycle of continuing education, much of which is available online or through local EMS agencies at little to no cost, an appropriate Healthcare provider CPR course, and will be exempt from taking the written and psychomotor examinations.  “This is a great opportunity for providers who would like to re-certify and could provide a much needed boost for both our local volunteer and paid agencies,” said Mary Sturdevant, Training Officer for HOPS Ambulance based in Herrickville.  Individuals who would like to apply for reinstatement should contact the Regional EMS Council at (570) 655-6818 for more information.  Training information for local courses that offer continuing education credits is available through the Region at, or on the Bradford County Ambulance Association’s Facebook page. 

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