Iannone Campaign for PA 110th Now in Full Swing

Sullivan County Commissioner Donna Iannone received word on March 14 that she had amassed enough legitimate signatures to obtain a spot on the primary ballot as a Democratic contender in the race for PA State Representative in the 110th Legislative District, which serves Sullivan County and portions of Bradford and Susquehanna counties.

Now that the first major hurdle in her campaign has been overcome, Iannone can focus more intently on the job she will do for constituents as a successful candidate for the post. She has begun to pull together trusted and experienced allies who will help her assist her constituents. Most importantly, Iannone promises that those working alongside her will be equipped to help people navigate the complex maze of government and government programs, including veteran services, unemployment, and CHIP.

It’s important that we work for our constituents and work on their behalf,” says Iannone.

As a contender who is a relatively new face to many voters, Iannone is committed to representing all people of the 110th District, including others who often feel invisible or that their concerns are not heard. “I know what it’s like to be an underdog and fight for people who are underdogs,” she maintains. “We can’t all be wealthy with big donors and supporters, but I can say that I am rich in friends and know what it means to work hard every day.”

For most people, Iannone notes, a family-supporting job, a good home, a safe environment for their children, and a secure retirement are the simple goals that constitute a good life.

However, life can throw us a curve ball, and we shouldn’t have to worry that an illness could completely break us,” says Iannone. “Likewise, we need to make sure our government is prudent in it’s spending and looking at all programs to cut red tape.”

Owing to the familiarity of the long-time incumbent, Iannone likens her campaign to climbing a mountain, to which she is no stranger. “I’ve climbed to the Mount Everest base camp, and I recall how difficult it was to overcome the obstacles that got in my way,” she explains. “And I didn’t quit.”

There is no denying that campaigns at this level of government are expensive to run, an aspect of the journey that Iannone sincerely laments. “This race shouldn’t be about money,” she states. “It should be about the message and working for the people in the 110.”

Nonetheless, she will need donations from many supporters to get her message to potential new voters. Those who would like to contribute to her campaign can send a check to Friends of Donna Iannone, PO Box 32, Dushore, PA 18614 or visit www.donnaiannone.com online.

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