Heritage Region Invites Public Input at Meeting

The Endless Mountains Heritage Region (EMHR) will conduct a public meeting on Thursday, Jan. 18 to share information about the organization’s pursuit of National Heritage Area (NHA) designation. The meeting will be conducted by representatives of Point Heritage Development Consultants (PointHDC) at the Dietrich Theater in Tunkhannock, starting at 5 p.m.

The EMHR, which serves Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties, was recognized by the state in 1998. Its rapid growth over the past five years has brought it to the attention of many beyond Pennsylvania’s borders who have suggested that the EMHR is poised for greater status. The EMHR would be the 63rd NHA in the United States and the seventh in Pennsylvania, which has the most NHAs in the country.

PointHDC representatives met with EMHR board members in December and outlined the process of the feasibility study, which includes getting not only elected officials and other civic leaders on board but the general public as well.

The Jan. 18 meeting will provide an opportunity for those with a shared interest in preserving and enhancing our unique history and culture to learn how the NHA designation will benefit the Region,” EMHR executive director Cain Chamberlin explained. “We’re hoping that some may also wish to join our subcommittees that will be formed to address various elements of the process. They will be tasked with identifying the EMHR’s most substantial assets and defining the ‘national story’ that will impress enough members of Congress when a bill is eventually introduced.”

The results of achieving NHA status would include preservation of historical sites within the region and making them drivers for economic growth. In addition to attracting people to the area, the NHA designation would lead to educational programs in schools from elementary through the college and university levels. It would also provide additional funding for expansion of the EMHR staff to meet the needs of a growing organization.

The PointHDC team is slated to tour the four-county area from Jan. 16 to 19 and participate in numerous meetings along the way. The Dietrich Theater is located at 60 E. Tioga Street in Tunkhannock with parking available on the street and behind the theater. For more information and virtual participation instructions, interested readers can log on to EMHeritage.com.

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