Dushore Artist Karen Black Announces Classes

After delays from a flu bug I’m now back on track developing art classes. These classes will be skill classes…tips on how to improve your sketching, learning to create 3D, fur and feathers. Graphite and colored pencils. 

Water color classes will have a tips class then exercises in painting sky, landscape, Sumi brush style painting and watercolor pencils.

 Acrylics I’ve added in to add Tole painting exercises into the mix to teach control of brushes and what do all those brushes actually do?

These classes will be $25 each. Sign up will be at an Open House on April 13th. I will only have seating for 6 to 8 participants per class. I will send this info out to those of you who are already on the “interested in classes” list also.

Oil painting classes will be $40 per session. Most oil projects will need at least 2 sessions to finish. Oil paints will be provided.  

During the open house on April 13th I will have all lessons on display and have sign up sheets and will have lists of supplies and etc. Can’t wait to discuss these classes with you.

I participated in the Sketchbook project #14 from the Brooklyn Art Library in January by creating a one of a kind Sketchbook full of my art ideas and musings.  My book is now ready for veiwing at their Library. But they will be digitizing it so it can viewed on line. I’ll let you know when that happens.

It’s a great idea …I’m hoping to design something similar for this area bringing together library, council of the arts and the school art department. I’ll be contacting the appropriate people soon for the next step.

Art classes are in full swing at the Library. I’m having fun introducing easy to complete art projects free of charge for adults the Second Thursday of the month. March is watercolor pencil note cards. April is a 3D beach collage wall hanging and May is a folded sheet music design in celebration of Music Month.

My funding ends in May so soon I’ll be looking for donations again. 

These on going classes have been so well attended that we’ve moved them to the children’s room where there is seating for 24! So it’s been lots of fun and very well attended! 

Hope to see all of you soon. Remember the Open House on April 13th from 1 to 4. 

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