Steve Sceranka (in blue shirt) and Stephen Sceranka work for GDS as a truck pusher and roustabout foreman respectively. Steve William Sceranka and his son, Stephen Andrew Sceranka, had worked numerous jobs together prior to applying to GasSearch Drilling Services (GDS). As contractors, they built log cabins and performed E&SContinue Reading

Glen T. Elliott and his father, Glen A. Elliott run water for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation as employees of subsidiary GasSearch Drilling Services (GDS). They were both formerly city bus drivers. (Also published at The natural gas industry and the businesses that render services to the drillers notContinue Reading

Second year students at the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas, including Matt Glatzel (top, front, second from left) and Summer Wilkes (third from left) have not only completed their internships, they are well on their way to earning family-sustaining wages in the natural gas fields upon graduation.Continue Reading