Baker to Serve on Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform

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Sen. Lisa Baker (20th District) has been named to serve on the Senate Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform by Interim Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (34th District).

Baker explained that the Special Committee will be comprised of four Republican members and four Democrat members, with the President Pro Tempore serving as an ex-officio member.

I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Special Committee to ensure our elections are fair and secure. As someone who has supported and voted for a series of reforms to state election law over the years, I welcome the opportunity to examine what was done right and what went wrong in recent elections,” Senator Baker said.  “If we approach this responsibility in a constructive manner, we can emerge with remedies and additional reforms that will improve voter access and increase participation in future elections.  Our democracy functions best when there are more voters engaged, not fewer.”

The “Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform” will be established by a Senate Resolution under Rule 5(a)(2) of the Senate Rules. The committee will focus on:

  • the security of the vote before, during and after Election Day;
  • the accuracy and security of the election process, particularly during the pre-canvassing and canvassing stages;
  • the uniformity of the election processes across the Commonwealth;
  • the impact and role of our judiciary in the election process;
  • the impact and role of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in issuing interpretations, guidance and instructions regarding the election process and the conduct of the election as a whole; and
  • other election related issues that may come before the Committee.

Baker noted that the Special Committee will have subpoena power and the ability to receive sworn testimony.

This committee must be focused on ensuring the integrity and security of elections. It is important for us to swear-in all testifiers and insist that individuals provide evidence to support any information that is shared.  The findings and recommendations will then be presented to the full Senate for swift action.”

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