Baker Introduces Bill to Aid Disabled Voters 

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Permanently disabled voters could have an easier time casting their ballot if a bill introduced by Sen. Lisa Baker, 20th District, becomes law. Senate Bill 263 passed the Senate unanimously this week and was sent to the House for consideration.

Currently, with physician certification, disabled and bedridden voters are added to a permanently disabled absentee ballot list. County election bureaus then automatically mail absentee ballots, provided a vote was cast in the prior election. But individuals are required to confirm their health status every four years, which can be cumbersome for many. Because they must also notify voter registration if there is a change that would prevent them from claiming permanent disability, Baker believes the verification requirement is unnecessary and should be eliminated.

We ought to be doing whatever we can to make it easier to vote, especially for our elderly and disabled citizens,” Baker said. “What might seem like a small inconvenience can be a huge burden for these folks. Relieving them of the additional stress and inconvenience just makes sense.”

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