Area Students Invited to Living History Event

Dave and Roxy Wells of New Albany (above) will be among numerous historical interpreters setting up camp near Milan for a week at the end of September. They are hoping that local schools will allow students to visit the Eastern Primitive Rendezvous to learn about life in the Colonial and early American periods.

The National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation (NLRHF) will hold the 41st Eastern Primitive Rendezvous in East Smithfield, Bradford County, from Saturday, Sept. 23 to Saturday, Sept. 30.

Organizers are planning a Student Day on Tuesday, Sept. 26 from 10 am to 4 pm. NRLHF member and historical interpreter Roxy Wells wants all parents, educators and students to be aware of the event, which she deems an unequivocal educational opportunity.

This will be a unique experience for all age children,” Roxy stated. “The Rendezvous participants are willing to talk with students and answer questions presented. They love what they do and love to talk about it too.”

In past years, home school and charter students have been offered this experience, but most public and private school students remain unaware of the event. Roxy has requested an excused absence from the local districts and encourages parents to check with their schools to see if the request will be honored.

Students need to be accompanied by an adult. There is no charge to the students, but a $5 fee is asked of adults.

Students who attend on this day will have access to the entire encampment and experience what life during the 1640-1840 time period was like,” Roxy related.

One example is that of a mountain man fur trader of the era, which Roxy’s husband, Dave, portrays. “He has hides and furs available for the children to touch and learn about where the animals live, what they eat and what their furs might be used for,” she explained. “There will also be people who portray the French & Indian War, the American Revolution, Pennsylvania Longhunters, and some who live and dress as the westward bound pioneers did.”

The official address of the event is 3021 Locust Road, Milan, PA, 18831. For additional information, interested readers may call the Wells at 570-363-2752 or log on to

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