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The Bradford County Regional Arts Council (BCRAC) announces that Christopher Pike (above) and Tim O’Hearn will they present their independent films at the Sayre Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 23, at 6 pm

The Bradford County Regional Arts Council (BCRAC) invites the public to the Sayre Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 23, as they present two independent films with local film artists Christopher Pike of Ulster, PA, and Tim O’Hearn of Waverly, NY.

Both films will take audiences on very different journeys as one is a documentary, and the latter is a fantastical story which is described as a comedy, horror, and a musical. Audiences can choose to purchase a ticket to one show independently or can purchase tickets to both screenings.

Christopher Pike’s “Exploring Seneca” is a documentary which was produced by Asylum Harbor Productions with An Uncharted Planet. The film explores the mysteries that shroud Seneca Lake with sightings of a mysterious green monster. The revelation of a lake creature came to light near 1900 with the first “documented” sighting and interaction of the “green monster” and with people aboard the paddle boat Otetiani, which was touring the lake.

Many eye witness accounts since then have given legitimacy to this “folklore legend” of a serpent. The film also investigates the connection of these accounts with other accounts in the Erie Canal and Great Lakes.

Exploring Seneca” begins at 6:00 PM on Saturday Jan. 23 at the Sayre Theatre. Admittance to this film is $6 per person or $4 per person with a canned food item to suppoert local food banks.

 Tim O’Hearn performs in “Killer Rack,” which also stars cult icon Debbie Rockon and Lloyd Kaugman, Brooke Lewis, Jessica Zwalak and Paul McGinnis. The 90-minute film is a comedy about a woman suffering from low self-esteem who gets breast enhancement surgery, unaware that her surgeon worships H.P. Lovecraft’s elder gods, and that the surgery is part of a diabolical plot to rule the world. 

A Q & A will follow the film with cult author/director Greg Lamberson, writer/actor Paul McGinnis and actor/producer Tim O’Hearn. Admittance to this film is $5 per person.

The BCRAC is proud to present the work of these two local artists at the historic Sayre Theatre. BCRAC invites local artists and filmmakers to share their talents so the agency can help introduce their work to the community.  As part of their mission to develop the arts and to preserve Bradford County’s historic theatres, BCRAC fully supports the work of our local, regional (and even national) artists.

About the Bradford County Regional Arts Council: Established in 1976, the BCRAC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and supporting a thriving regional arts community by advocating for the Arts, cultivating quality arts programming and preserving Bradford County’s historic theatres as venues for performances, community events and movies.  For more information, visit BCRAC online at




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