Lunar Landscape? Nope. Just a Very Cold River

Ice 2 21 15 C

Photos by Rick Hiduk

The ice on the Susquehanna River at Tunkhannock keeps getting thicker as temperatures remain below freezing both day and night, taking on the appearance of the surface of the Moon, especially in the top photo. Fluctuating water levels in early January allowed ice to push up along the shoreline before the main channel froze over. Subsequent snowfalls and continued upheavals of the ice has created this fascinating yet potentially dangerous landscape. Dustings of snow are possible on Thursday and Sunday, with the possibility for daytime highs above freezing on both Sunday and Monday. A rapid warm-up could spell disaster if so much river ice were to break free and begin to jam in narrow stretches and sharp turns, but there are no significant thaws in the extended forecast. Highs and lows for the next six days are averaged for the four-county Endless Mountains region. 

Wed 29/5 Thu 24/0 Fri 20/-5 Sat 25/2 Sun 32/25 Mon 35/15

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