Comments Solicited for DEP Gas Regulation Update

Emily Krafjack

Dear Editor:

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is soliciting comments on the rule-making for it’s Oil and Gas Program: Environmental Protection Performance Standards at Oil and Gas Well Sites. During 2014, the DEP received over 24,000 comments which have resulted in a new draft of the regulatory package addressing the comments received.

The new regulation includes new sections for noise mitigation and centralized tank storage. Both of these sections will benefit nearby residents. There are other new provisions, including one providing a notification zone regarding school common areas and playgrounds creating opportunities for dialogue concerning how activities may be affected during work periods. The regulations do not limit where they can work, but rather, how, and then they are noted as performance standards, which means they choose how they want to meet them.

“Performance” says it all – how they will “perform” next to our homes, schools, within our communities. There are many more beneficial provisions that create a balance of operations within our communities. To make these regulations reality, we need folks to submit comments during the public comment period. For those with internet access, more information may be found on our website, Please refer to the “Action Alerts” gold tab on our home page. Information is included on where and how to send your comment.

Comments must be received by DEP on or before Tuesday, May 19. The Department will be scheduling two hearings in our Region in the near future.

For those unable to submit comment via internet, written comments should be sent to the Department of Environmental Protection, Policy Office, 400 Market Street, P. O. Box 2063, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2063. A subject heading of the rulemaking (Chapter 78a – Environmental Protection Performance Standards at Oil and Gas Well Sites) and a return name and address must be included in each letter or transmission.

Anyone interested in further information on this process may feel free to email or phone 570-637-0972.

Connection for Oil, Gas & Environment in the Northern Tier [C.O.G.E.N.T] is a resource for those seeking reliable, objective information regarding all aspects relative to the development of unconventional shale resources. C.O.G.E.N.T. is a resource for landowners and communities alike striving to find and advocate for a balance that supports public health and safety, community and the environment balanced with the needs of industry.

Thank You,

Emily Krafjack, President (above)

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