Photos and story by Rick Hiduk Prize winners in the United Way Pledge to Win raffle included (above, from left) Alex Piechocki (DuPont), Cameron Turner (Cargill), Desiree Roof (Cargill), Natalie Malkemes (Century Farm), Tim Mello (AES Armenia Mountain Wind), Elizabeth Page (Cargill), Stacey Bowman (GTP), Rick Morgan (GTP), Alisa WestbrookContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk The Kiwanis Wyoming County Fair Grounds west of Meshoppen lie dormant under a fresh coating of snow and bright sunshine on Wednesday. Additional accumulations of snow are possible on Thursday and Sunday evenings, and frigid temperatures will apparently persist. For a uniquely Endless Mountains perspective ofContinue Reading

Photo and Story by Rick Hiduk Wyoming County Commissioners (from right) Ron Williams, Tom Henry, and Judy Mead listen to a statement by clean air advocate Audrey Gozdiskowski (below) on January 27. Ongoing heated public exchanges between the Wyoming County Commissioners and regular adversary Audrey Gozdiskowski are beginning to revealContinue Reading

Photos by Rick Hiduk While still flowing freely past most towns along the Susquehanna River, at Tunkhannock cakes of ice are stacking up where the river narrows before a sharp turn to the south. Due to the ice flows, river levels have fluctuated at Tunkhannock over the last week, backingContinue Reading

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by K.M. White Like many parents, I am concerned about the health and well-being of my children, though I will admit that sometimes my concern makes me a bit too overprotective. And my worry could sometimes be attributed to bringing on my minor panic attacks. But, when one of yourContinue Reading