Veterans Memorial Park Committee Provides Update to Supporters

Submitted Letter

Greetings for the New Year, we wish you health, prosperity and happiness:

This letter is to inform you of the current status of the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park, our present condition and our vision for the future.

If you have visited the Park you know that we have produced a state of the art facility in which we as a County honor our Veterans past present and future. Although it looks as if it is a completed work, it is not; there are still some necessary enhancements yet to be installed.

Firstly let me say that if you have supported this project in the past, we couldn’t have done it without you; in short, “THANK YOU.” If you have not as yet had the opportunity to lend a hand in this honorable mission, we humbly ask that you will consider our cause as one that benefits all of our citizens as we, as a group show our combined respect for our military. We are in the final stage; “the capstone”. One Hundred Percent of very donation received goes directly to the construction and finalization of the Veterans Park. Nobody on our staff is paid a salary and we spend our own resources without the need for compensation.

One of our stated goals is that we offer those who come after us a tool of education in reverence and tribute to our Founding Fathers as well as the accomplishments of our military throughout the ages. America the beautiful is the shining light of the world and I know you are as proud of our Nation as we are. That said, I will list the items of bronze and granite yet to be placed.

1- A large bronze plaque with the text of the Preamble to The Constitution.

2- A large bronze plaque with the text of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

3- A large bronze plaque with the text of The Bill of Rights.

4- A large bronze plaque honoring the medical personnel who served.

5- A 20’ rotunda of brushed aluminum over the statue called The Quintessential Soldier


Aside from these major installations there will be some additional landscaping to be done as well as some smaller “definition placards.”

This is a new year with new budgetary considerations; we understand that and only wish that you will consider helping to bring this project to completion this year. If every person reading this were to donate only $50.00, this project will be complete. However, every donation, large or small is greatly appreciated.

Please reply to BCVMPA, PO Box 206, Towanda, PA 18848.

Thank you and God Bless the United States of America

Tim Hoffman   CEO                Joe Doherty  Founder

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