Amateur Meshoppen Photog Finds Beauty Everywhere

The panorama of Forkston and Mehoopany townships (top) and a “Tangerine Sunset” over Meshoppen (above) are just some of the aspects of everyday life that catch new contributor, Kristen Marshall’s, photographic eye.

Photos by Kristen Marshall

Kristen is a 29-year-old Meshoppen resident whose family has lived in the area for almost 30 years.

In her own words…

Since I was a child I had a feel for art. It started with just doodling at home or in class. Art was a favorite subject of mine in school. I couldn’t wait for the next class and was excited about what new ideas were to be made.

Years have gone by, and my ambition grew greater. I even attended the ‘Arts Institute School’ (as seen on TV years ago) in the eighth or ninth grade, but I did not keep up with those courses. I was in the ninth grade and I thought, I’m already doing a lot – track and field, after school activities, and living my teenage life – so I backed out of the classes at the Art Institute.

More years went by, and I still enjoyed art, but now in many more ways. I now play the guitar, for about 15 years now, and I love the photography aspect of Art.

What intrigues me about photo-taking, is that there are so many things that are breathtaking. Even from the first moment of your child’s life, their first steps, their first everythings. Then there are the finest and endless sunrises and sunsets a person’s life could bare. I’m glad that I have children of my own to share my old stories and new ideas with them about our little town.

There are also photos to capture certain moments of time, animals, and other interesting items or events. The photos in this article are my own original copies, mostly just using my personal cell phone camera. Shocking I know!

I hope you have enjoyed my story and take a moment to see these scenes just as captivating and beautiful as I saw them.

Bottle Terrarium/Meshoppen

Old Watarway/Tunkhannock

Benninger Road/Meshoppen


Winter Night on Allen Street/Meshoppen

Potts Falls on Meshoppen Creek

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