Bill to Exempt Maple Sugar Houses from UCC Passes PA House

Legislation that will help bring common sense to the state’s Uniform Construction Code (UCC), especially along the Northern Tier, passed the state House today and is on its way to the state Senate for consideration, said Rep. Tina Pickett (Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna).

The Northern Tier is blessed to have a thriving maple syrup industry that not only enhances our agriculture production, but creates jobs and allows consumers to enjoy a product made right here at home,” Pickett said. “However, there is confusion under our state’s construction code regulations as to whether or not these maple sugar houses – which are not accessible to the public — must abide by construction standards. This legislation seeks to clarify that part of the code, which is overly burdensome.”

House Bill 177 would exempt structures used to process maple sap, commonly known as “maple sugar houses.” These are typically small structures that the public does not have access to which are used in a manner consistent with agricultural production.

This legislation is all about common sense and ensuring that UCC regulations are applied in situations where they are needed,” Pickett said. “Clearly, maple sugar houses are used for syrup processing and do not need the type of scrutiny brought on by the code.”

Likewise, Pickett has sponsored House Bill 176, which would also exempt roadside product stands from the UCC. That bill has yet to be scheduled for a vote.

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