Renovations and Restoration Continue at County Courthouse

statue clean 2

The Civil War Memorial Statue on the North Side of the Wyoming County Courthouse is receiving a thorough cleaning as additional projects at the main entrance to the building are being wrapped up.

Photos and Story by Rick Hiduk

The Slocum Street side of the Wyoming County Courthouse will have a fresh and welcoming look to returning visitors to town this summer as numerous projects come to fruition.

A team of workers on lifts and scaffolding around the Civil War Memorial on Courthouse Square in Tunkhannock have been meticulously cleaning the statuary and the embedded plaques.

County Commissioners Tom Henry, Judy Mead, and Ron Williams agree that it has been many years since the memorial was cleaned, but none was certain how long.

Maybe since the Civil War,” Williams joked.

The project is one of many at the north side of the building over the past year, including a new vestibule constructed with both heat efficiency and safety in mind, new sidewalks around the memorial statues, and freshly sewn lawn.

judy and statues

Wyoming County Commissioner Judy Mead checks the progress of the statue cleaning on Tuesday. The concrete cap of the sailor at left had broken off and was mortered back into place on Monday.


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