New Motorcycle Plates Sales Assist Veterans in Need

sen lisa baker

As motorcycle enthusiasts prepare to get back on the road after a long winter, Sen. Lisa Baker (above) is reminding bike owners of an easy way to show their patriotism and support Pennsylvania veterans – the “Honoring Our Veterans” license plate (top).

A similar plate for vehicles debuted back in 2013.

It was created as a way for people to demonstrate their appreciation for the sacrifices our veterans have made,” she noted. Sales of the specialty plates helps finance the Veterans Trust Fund, which is dedicated to helping veterans with needs for food, housing, health care and other necessities.

Baker said motorcycle riders expressed an interest in similar plates to display their gratitude and offer assistance. “Our motorcycle clubs have always been supportive of veterans through bike runs and other fundraisers, so they really wanted to be a part of this effort,” Baker stated in a press release.

The plate costs $35, of which $15 goes directly to helping veterans in need. Those renewing their vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses can also make a $3 donation through a voluntary check-off box. To date, nearly $5.5 million has been raised. Grants totaling more than $900,000 have been awarded to organizations serving veterans, and an additional $1.1 million has been provided to individual veterans and their families.

To apply for a plate visit PennDOT’s website or call Senator Baker’s office at (570) 226-5960.

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