Pickett Announces State Grants Worth $431,000 Awarded to Local First Responders

steve brian yonkin dushore FF

Grants recently issued to First Responders across the state will assist units like the Wysox Volunteer Fire Company in Bradford County (top), firefighters like Stephen Yonkin and Brian Yonkin of Dushore Fire-Rescue in Sullivan County (above), and northern tier units like the Little Meadows Volunteer Fire Company in Susquehanna County (below).

Little Meadows FD

State Rep. Tina Pickett announced on April 29 that 33 fire and ambulance companies serving communities in the 110th Legislative District will share more than $431,000 in state grants.

The costs associated with running fire and ambulance companies continue to soar, and for the past decade, the Commonwealth has offered a grant program that helps offset some of the expenses our volunteers face,” Pickett said. “Since the grant program was established, millions of dollars have come back to our district to help our valuable first responders better afford equipment, training or even construction and repairs to their facilities. I’m pleased so many of our local organizations and their leaders apply for this funding, and I thank them for all they do to keep our communities safe.”

The Pennsylvania Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program awards funding to local organizations for the construction or renovation of a fire company or ambulance service’s primary structure; the purchase or repair of firefighting, ambulance or rescue equipment; training; or debt reduction.  The grant program, which is funded by state gaming proceeds, is administered by the Pennsylvania Office of Fire Commissioner within the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA).

The funding comes from proceeds from slot machine gaming in Pennsylvania.

Grants totaling $237,427 were awarded to the following companies located in Bradford County:

  • Athens Township Volunteer Fire Company — $11,967.
  • Diahoga Hose Company No. 6 — $11,967.
  • Engine Company No. 1 — $11,511.
  • Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Department — $11,511.
  • Greater Valley Emergency Medical Services Inc. — $12,194 for fire and $7,201 for EMS.
  • H.O.P.S. EMS — $7,201.
  • Howard Elmer Hose Company No. 4 — $11,739.
  • J.E. Wheelock Hose Company No. 5 — $11,739.
  • Litchfield Township Volunteer Fire Company — $11,511.
  • New Albany Volunteer Fire Company — $11,511.
  • North Towanda Fire and Rescue Volunteers Inc. — $12,878.
  • Protection Hose Company No. 1 — $12,194.
  • South Waverly Fire Department — $11,511.
  • Towanda Fire Department — $12,878.
  • Ulster-Sheshequin Fire Association — $11,967.
  • Vigilante Engine Company No. 1 — $11,511.
  • Wilmot Fire Company Inc. — $12,650.
  • Windham Township Volunteer Fire Company — $11,511.
  • Wysox Volunteer Emergency Medical Services Ambulance Inc. — $6,932.
  • Wysox Volunteer Fire Company — $13,334.

Grants amounting to $137,580 were awarded to the following companies located in Sullivan County:

  • Dushore Fire Company No. 1 — $12,422 for fire and $7,201 for EMS services.
  • Eldredsville Volunteer Fire Company Inc. — $11,967 for fire and $7,201 for EMS.
  • Endless Winds Volunteer Fire Company — $11,511.
  • Forksville Volunteer Fire Company — $11,967.
  • Hillsgrove Volunteer Fire Company — $11,511 for fire and $7,201 for EMS.
  • Laporte Borough Volunteer Fire Company — $11,511 for fire and $7,201 for EMS.
  • Mildred Ambulance Association — $7,201.
  • Mildred Volunteer Fire Company — $11,511.
  • Muncy Valley Area Volunteer Fire Company — $11,967 for fire and $7,201 for EMS.

Grants totaling $56,437 were awarded to the following companies located in Susquehanna County:

  • Little Meadows Volunteer Fire Company — $11,511 for fire and $7,201 for EMS.
  • Hop Bottom Hose Company — $13,334.
  • Rush Volunteer Fire Department Inc. — $11,511.
  • Springville Volunteer Fire Company — $12,878.



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