Air Quality Awareness Month Promotes Clean Living Choices

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Air Coalition of Tunkhannock (ACT) is promoting National Air Quality Awareness Month in Wyoming County. The Month of May has been designated by the organization to help educate the public about air quality concerns.

Wyoming County residents are encouraged to become “aware about air” during the month, and each week will focus on a different outdoor air quality topic:

Week 1 – What is Air Pollution?

Week 2 – What Affects My Air Quality?

Week 3 – Keeping Your Lungs and Heart Safe

Week 4 – How Air Quality Forecasts Are Made (and how they help)

Week 5 – What You Can Do To Make the Air Cleaner

Throughout the year there are days when air quality could pose potential health risks such as asthma and lung problems in certain populations due to weather conditions, high ozone levels, or other impairments.

Air Quality Awareness Month aims to educate people across Wyoming County about what causes outdoor air pollution, what people can do to protect their health when air quality is poor, and how they can reduce pollution by making simple choices in their daily lives.

While Air Quality Awareness Week/Month is a national effort, ACT provided Wyoming County residents with information and choices for our communities at their May 1 Health fAIR held at the Tunkhannock Public Library.Approximately 25 people attended.

Air Quality Awareness Month will assist Wyoming County residents in making informed decisions about their health, and educate them as to the importance of improving our air quality,” said ACT spokesperson, Audrey Gozdikowski. “Becoming aware of any air quality problem is the first step. Individuals taking actions to improve the air quality is the ultimate goal. Don’t wait to participate in improving the quality of the air in the Wyoming County area.”

More information about air quality levels and clean air choices can be found online at

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