No Seventh Inning Stretch Today in Meshoppen


Photos by Rick Hiduk

At noon on Saturday, the waters of the Meshoppen Creek were still backed up into the Meshoppen Ballpark, even though the nearby Susquehanna River had crested early in the morning. The peak of 25.01 feet reached at 1 am was the highest since the disastrous flooding of September 2011, when the river at Meshoppen crested at a record 44.48 feet. Residents along the Susquehanna River and its tributaries can expect the waters to continue to recede as generally seasonal weather finally makes its way into the Endless Mountains. There is virtually no rain the forecast again until Friday and Saturday of next week and no freezing temperatures. A 7-day synopsis of predicted highs and lows is below.


Just one week ago, the annual Meshoppen Holiday Fund Easter Egg Hunt had to be held in the pavilion (above left) because the ball fields were too soggy to use. If held today, the event would likely have been postponed, even though the pavilion was spared by a round of limited spring flooding.

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