Promote Your Events and Mission with Integrity


Promote Your Events and Mission 

with Integrity


Now Offering Direct Promotional Services for all non-profit organizations and not-for-profit enterprises and providers of unique services. Share your message with readers of the only website specifically catering to consumers in all corners of the four-county Endless Mountains regionof northeastern Pennsylvania and get a quality promotional piece to use on

your own website and to share with other media outlets.

There is a common misconception among owners and managers of media outlets that every non-profit organization and not-for-profit agency or business has a staff writer who is qualified to compose engaging press releases and get them to local newspapers and radio and TV stations in a timely manner.

Having worked closely with non-profit organizations as a media representative and board member for decades, I know that notion to be largely false. In many cases, a board member or other associate is appointed to the PR position in lieu of a professional background in writing or distribution or even a sincere desire to take on the task.

Despite best intentions, press releases are often lean and lacking in the literary devices that will attract a reader or listener. If the information that reaches the media outlet is too little, too late, the staff members receiving it are under-impressed, won’t take the time to fix or enhance the piece, and will opt instead to use better pieces available to them. 

In other cases, the non-profit was hoping for more attention and a bigger splash than a few lines in the “upcoming events” section, but its PR person never made that request in the correspondence. Just as harmful to the nonprofit organization is a poorly-written piece published “as is.”  

This is not an instance of “What did we do wrong?” as much as it is a result of what you don’t understand about the medium that you were targeting and how you can make your submissions more appealing to them. Frequently, it’s a formatting or photo issue that few staff members at newspapers and other media outlets have the time to explain to you. 

Let me help you and your organization break through those invisible but real barriers and get your agency to the next level of media savvy. Services offered include (but are not limited to) writing, editing, and proofreading of press releases, brochures, web content, meeting notes and other promotional materials; assimilation and distribution of same; and media liaison and consultant on projects authorized by the board of directors or executive director of an organization.

(Notes: and its distribution branch cannot guarantee publication of your piece beyond the website but will offer advice to help your submission get the attention it deserves. Professional photographers and/or studios will be credited for any photos used as requested.)

Contact us at or via personal message to Rick Hiduk on Facebook for more information. Leave day and nighttime phone number.

We look forward to working with you!

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